Module Kết nối đầu báo thường AS6011

The AS6011 is designed for use on the Elite analog addressable system. Up to 127 devices can be placed on a single SLC loop. The device address is uniquely stored on an onboard EEPROM.
The module allows the panel to interface and monitor two-wire conventional detectors. Each AS6011 transmits the status of one zone of devices (25 maximum per zone) back to the panel.
The AS6011 supervises the power supply as well as the entire zone of devices. Status conditions are reported as normal, open or alarm. All 2-wire smoke detectors must be UL listed as compatible to be interfaced with the AS6011.
The interrupt driven Digital Communication Protocol (DCP) combines maximum communication reliability and fast response to emergency conditions. The module has a single bi-colored LED to indicate device status. It fits into a standard 4” square or double gang electrical back box. After addressing, Conventional Zone Modules are fully configurable through Loop Explorer Programming Software.
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Conventional Zone Module

Standard Features
• Provides an address point for a zone of up to 25 conventional smoke detectors
• Blinks green when polled. Latched on red (controlled by panel) when activated
• Device address can also be programmed with a handheld programmer. Device address- ranges from 1 to 127
• Compatible with Class B (Style B) and Class A (Style D) wiring
• Auxiliary power source provides power for the zone of detectors
• Compatible with conventional AVENGER detectors
The AS6011 provides installing dealers with the ability to upgrade locations on a phased approach or monitor a zone of conventional detectors.
This capability is key to satisfying customer needs for a system upgrade over time, and allows a best case application of technology to match the upgrade with the customer’s budget.
All sensors may be monitored by the same Elite Panel during the upgrade, reducing the potential confusion of “old
and new” panel alarms.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 17-41 VDC
Average Current Consumption (S, SC) 400μA (typical)
Auxiliary Supply Voltage Nominal 18.8-27.2 V
2 Wire Detector Loop Current Standby Det. Load 1mA
Data Transmission Current Temp. Range 22mA ± 20%
Alarm Threshold Level <1.5K Ohms
From Aux Supply Alarm (Short Across Det. Line) 60mA
Max. 2-Wire Conventional Det. Loop Resistance 50 Ohms (total SLC Length)
Open Circuit Threshold Level >10K ohms
End-of-Line Device 4.7K Ohms
Mounting 4” Square Electrical Box
Maximum Humidity up to 90%, non-condensing
UL Ambient Installation Temperature Range 32º F to 120º F
Dimensions 4.2” W x 4.7” H x 1.4” D

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