Đế đầu báo 4″ và 6″ AS7003-00 | AS7004-00

The AS7003 4” isolator base and AS7004 6” isolator base are designed for use with VES analog style sensors models AS2001, AS2002, AS2005, AS2003, AS2008, AS2010, AS2011, AS2012, and AS2014.
Each isolator base is connected to an Elite Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) and provides easy replacement of sensors, without disturbing the wiring.
The isolator bases contain a simple rugged design with screw terminals for wiring connections. A common mounting base allows sensor interchange and maintains loop continuity when sensors are removed. A simple anti-tamper head Locking system is provided which is enabled by removing a small plastic tab on the back of the sensor. Once locked, the head can only be removed using a small diameter screwdriver.
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4” and 6” Sensor Base w/ Built-In Isolator
AS7003-00 and AS7004-00   

Standard Features
• UL Listed
• Designed for use with all DCP analog sensors
• Built in LED indication upon short circuit condition
• Available in 4 and 6 inch models.
• Contains a security locking tab for tamper protection.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage

17-41 VDC


4” Sensor Base


6” Sensor Base

Current Consumption

Normal 160µA
Active 10mA


Plastic tamper lock

Color and Case Material

Bone PC / ABS Blend

Compatible Sensors

AS2001, AS2002, AS2005,
AS2003, AS2008, AS2010,
AS2011, AS2012, and

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