Đầu Báo Khói Địa Chỉ AS2011-00

The detection chamber consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) and photodiode arrangement. The chamber is
designed such that light emitted by the LED cannot normally reach the photodiode. In the event of fire, particles
of smoke enter the chamber and scatter the light. As the smoke level increases, the scattering effect increases, causing more light to hit the photodiode. The chamber contains a unique baffle design which allows smoke to enter the chamber while preventing external light from affecting the photodiode. The photodiode input level is sampled to sense smoke density.
When the smoke density exceeds a preset threshold the sensor transmits an interrupt to the fire control panel
indicating a fire condition. The fire alarm control panel can adjust the sensor threshold to compensate for
Up to 127 devices are permitted on each SLC loop. A sensor address is set by a hand-held programming unit.
The sensor mounts to an electronics-free base and incorporates a locking mechanism for secure installation. The base provides mounting slots, terminals for field wiring and a third contact for a remote indicator/LED. The sensor incorporates dual LEDs for easy viewing of sensor status.
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Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

Standard Features
• Low Profile – Only 2” high, including base
• Simple and reliable device addressing
• Automatic compensation for sensor contamination
• Built-in fire test feature
• Uses the noise-immune Digital Communication Protocol
(DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
• Two built-in power/alarm LEDs
• Programmable non-polling LEDs
• Non-directional smoke chamber
• Vandal resistant security locking feature
• Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement
NOTE Bases are not included with detectors, please order separately

Ordering Codes


Photoelectric Smoke Detector


4” Mounting Base


6” Mounting Base


6” Sounder Base


6” Low Frequency Sounder Base

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