Đế đầu báo 4″ và 6″ AS7001-00 | AS7002-00

The AS7001 4” bASe and AS7002 6” bASe are designed specifically for use with the VES Analog sensors, models AS2001 Ionization Smoke Sensor, AS2002, AS2005 & AS2011 Photoelectric Smoke Sensor, AS2003 & AS2010 Heat Sensor and AS2008 & AS2012 Multi-Criteria Sensors.
The AS7001 and AS7002 common mounting bASes allow for complete compatibility for all of the VES Analog sensors. The bASes are lightweight and very thin, providing a low profile once installed. The solderless screw terminals enable quick and eASy wiring connections.
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4” and 6” Sensor Base
AS7001-00 and AS7002-00    

Standard Features
• UL Listed
• Designed for use with all analog sensors.
• Available in 4 and 6 inch models.
• Contains a security locking tab for tamper protection.

Technical Specifications


4” Sensor Base


6” Sensor Base


Plastic tamper lock

Color and Case Material

Bone PC / ABS Blend

Compatible Sensors

AS2001, AS2002,
AS2005, AS2003,
AS2008, AS2010,
AS2011 and AS2012

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