Đế đầu báo thường 4” & 6” VF2050 | VF2051

The VF2050 and VF2051 Series is designed specifically for use with VES Conventional Models VF2032 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, VF2041 Photoelectric with Heat Smoke Detector, VF2030 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, VF2040 Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/heat, or VF2020 and VF2021 Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector.
The Base is an electronics free 6” base featuring a plastic tamper-lock lug. Each base is equipped with a resistor. Refer to the chart (below) for additional specifications. The VF2050 base is a 4” version of the VF2051 6” base.

⇓ Tải xuống Catalogue VF2050 | VF2051

4” and 6” Conventional Base
VF2050-00 and VF2051-00  

Standard Features
• Designed for use with all VES conventional sensors
• Available in 4 and 6 inch models
• Contains a security locking tab for tamper protection

Technical Specifications

Alarm Current 93mA (136mA @ 33V max.)
SLC Loop Idle Current 110
Compatibility Identifier HB-3

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