Đầu báo nhiệt loại thường VF20420-00 | VF2021-00

The VF2020 and VF2021 fixed temperature/rate-of-rise heat detectors are suited to detect in the presence of slow or fast rising temperatures due to burning combustibles.
The construction of these models incorporate a thermistor heat element protected from damage by the built-in, durable plastic guard. These electronic heat detectors incorporate two power/alarm LEDs for 360° indication of status. In standby condition the power LEDs flash Green. In an alarm condition the LEDs latch on Red. The VF2020 and VF2021 electronic heat detection circuitry performs the same function as a Mechanical Device but with Electronic Precision. If the heat rise is less than 12°/minute the detector will not alarm until it reaches its alarm temperature (135° or 190° ± 7.5°F). If the heat rise is greater than 12°/minute the detector will alarm immediately giving an early warning signal and latching the Red alarm LEDs on.

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Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
VF2020-00 and VF2021-00

Standard Features
• Choice of fixed temperature/rate-of-rise 135°F or 190°F heat detector
• UL Listed spacing up to 60’ by 60’
• 2 or 4 wire base compatibility, relay bases available
• Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection
• Low standby current, 35µA nominal
• Two built-in power/alarm LEDs for 360° viewing
• Fully electronic operation
• Power/alarm LEDs confirm detector status
• Compatible with VES detectors and their bases
Bases are not included with detectors, please order separately.

Technical Specifications

Response VF2020 135° ± 7.5°F
VF2021 190° ± 7.5°F
Supply Voltage 17.7 – 30.0 VDC (4 Wire)
Supervisory Current 40µA @ 24V
Surge Current 160µA max. @ 24V
Alarm Current 150mA max. @ 24V
Contact Rating
N/O Contacts
150mA max. @ 24 V
Ambient Temperature 32ºF – 120ºF
Color / Case Material Bone PC / ABS Blend

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