Bộ hiển thị chữa cháy khí VF1821-13

The Elite Status Indicators range of status indicators provide detailed status information for Elite XT releasing control equipment.
All models provide high brightness, LED indication of Manual Only, Automatic and Manual, Abort operated, Disabled, Imminent and Released conditions.
For systems where local control of the Automatic/Manual mode control are required, units are available with these controls fitted. All models have supervised inputs for the remote connection of abort switches. All units contain a large, LED display which shows a countdown of the time remaining until release in seconds.

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Releasing System Peripherals
Status Indicators

Standard Features
• UL 864 and FM approved
• High brightness LEDs
• Detailed indication of the status of the control panel
• Supervised data connection
• Countdown timer shows time remaining until release
• Manual only and Automatic & Manual mode select keyswitch option
• Four wire connection (data and power)
• Robust, high quality enclosure
• Easy access to terminals
• Remote Abort input (supervised)
• Internal trouble diagnosis indicators

Ordering Codes

VF1821-136 lamp status indicator w/ mode select keyswitch surface mount – red

Technical Specifications

Size 7.3” (W) x 5.2” (H) x 1.9” (D)
Power Supply 21 to 30 V
Maximum Current Draw 0.07A
Maximum Number of Status Units 7
Quiescent Current 0.033A
Cable Capacity 12 AWG
Supervised Inputs End-of-Line Resistor 6K8 0.5W Resistor
Supervised Inputs Normal Impedance 6.8K
Supervised Inputs Trigger Impedance 470 Ohms
Supervised Inputs Short Circuit Threshold 99 Ohms to 0 Ohms
Data connection Two wire RS485 connection (max 4000 feet)

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