Công tắc phun khí AS3045-56

Conventional Manual Pull Stations available in a number of configurations supporting Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression System.
Each model is constructed of a solid die cast housing and comes in glossy red. The back switch plate is plated steel. The electrical switch is rated for 10 Amps @ 120 VDC normally open contact rating. Most models are connected via terminal block connections (see ordering codes on second page)
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Conventional Devices
Manual Non-Coded Pull Station for Fire & Releasing Applications

Standard Features
⋅ Single or Dual Action
⋅ Enclosed switch with glass rod (included)
⋅ 10 Amps @ 120 VAC Snap Action Switch
⋅ Made in USA

Ordering Codes

AS3045-56Conventional Pull Station for Fire Suppression Release – Yellow DPST

Technical Specifications

Contact Rating10A @ 120 VAC
Operating Temperature-30°F (-35 °C) ~ 150°F (66°C)

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