Đế đầu báo kèm còi 6” VF7008-00

The VF7008 base is designed specifically for use with the VES Analog sensors, models VF2001 Ionization Smoke Sensor, VF2002, VF2005, and VF2011 Photoelectric Smoke Sensor, VF2003 and VF2010 Heat Sensorm, and VF2008 and VF2012 Multi-Criteria Sensors.
The VF7008 sounder base allows for complete compatibility for all of the VES Analog sensors.
The bases are lightweight and very thin, providing a low profile once installed. The solderless screw terminals enable quick and easy wiring connections. Addressing is automatically provided by the attached Sensor. The device is configurable through Loop Explorer Programming Software.

⇓ Tải xuống Catalogue VF7008

Danh mục:

6” Analog Sounder Base

Standard Features
• Programmable evacuation codes – Continuous, March, ANSI Temporal patterns
• Base learns the sensor address and assumes
an upper range address (128-254)
• Up to 127 sensors and 127 VF7008s can be used on one SLC loop
• Can be alarmed or reset by zone or by individual address
• SLC loop wire resistance = 50 ohms Max. (total SLC wire run length)
• High sound pressure level (85dB SPL at 10 feet)

Number of Bases Permitted

# Bases in

Max. Auxiliary 24VDC Power
Wire Resistance (Total Run


18.3 ohm


12.2 ohm


9.1 ohm


6.1 ohm


3.6 ohm


3.0 ohm


2.4 ohm


1.4 ohm

NOTE SLC maximum resistance is 50 ohms.


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