Đầu báo khói + nhiệt + CO kết hợp địa chỉ VF2014

The VF2014 smoke detection chamber consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) and photodiode arrangement. The chamber is designed such that light emitted by the LED cannot normally reach the photodiode. In the event of fire, particles of smoke enter the chamber and scatter the light. As the smoke level increases, the scattering effect increases, causing more light to hit the photodiode. The chamber contains a unique design which allows smoke to enter the chamber while preventing external light from affecting the photodiode. The photodiode input level is sampled to sense smoke density. When the smoke density exceeds a pre-set threshold the sensor transmits an interrupt to the fire control panel indicating a fire condition.
The fire alarm control panel can adjust the sensor threshold to compensate for contamination.
The VF2014 heat portion incorporates a highly linear thermistor circuit, with two thermistors mounted externally. The specially designed cover protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor circuit produces a voltage proportional to temperature which is scaled, and transmitted as a digitally encoded value to the control panel. When the ambient temperature exceeds a preprogrammed threshold (fixed temperature), the sensor transmits an interrupt to the control panel indicating a fire alarm. The fire alarm control panel can adjust the sensor threshold for different requirements.
The VF2014 CO sensing cell serves a dual purpose of supplementing smoke detection in combination with the photodiode arrangement and monitoring colorless, odorless, and deadly CO levels. When the carbon monoxide exceeds the poisonous levels, the sensor transmits an interrupt to the control panel indicating a CO alarm.

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Multi-Criteria Sensor – CO, COHb, Smoke, Heat

Standard Features
• 16 Programmable Modes of Operation, based upon 9 different
detection factors allow extreme application flexibility
• Compatible with VF7005 Low Frequency Sounder
base to provide a prioritized Temporal 3 Signal in
case of Fire or Temporal 4 Signal in case of CO
• Simple and reliable device addressing method
• Automatic compensation for sensor contamination
• Built-in fire test feature
• Uses the noise immune Digital Communication Protocol
(DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
• Dual programmable LEDs provide visual alarm / power indications
• Non-directional smoke chamber
• Pre-Alarm Function
• 10 year life span on CO sensor

Ordering Codes


Multi-Criteria Sensor


4” Mounting Base


6” Mounting Base


6” Low Frequency Sounder Base

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