Còi báo cháy loại nhỏ VF4027-10

The VF4027 Series mini-horn is a high quality remote signaling appliance that offers dependable remote annunciation. The VF4027 is listed for use with both filtered and unfiltered power.
With the VF4027 a jumper is provided to select either the continuous tone or the temporal 3 evacuation tone.
The VF4027 can be used on the same sync circuit (VF4009 Series Control Module) as other VES signals. The VF4027 appliances
are UL 464 listed for use with fire protective systems and are warranted for three years from the date of purchase.
NOTES Operating temperature – Indoor Use Only. Indoor: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C). The sound output for the temporal 3 tone is rated lower since the time the horn is off is averaged into the sound output rating. While the horn is producing a tone in the temporal 3 mode its sound pressure is the same as the continuous mode.

⇓ Tải xuống Catalogue VF2027

24V Low Current Mini-Horn, Temporal Tone

Standard Features
• UL 464 Listed
• Unit Dimensions: 4.48”High x 2.84” Wide x 0.5” Deep
• Jumper Selectable Temporal 3 or Continuous Tone on the VF4027
• Horn Frequency is 3100Hz
• Terminal Blocks (12 AWG to 18 AWG)
• Low Current Consumption
• Variety of Mounting Options for New
Construction and Retrofit Applications
• To Synchronize the VF4027 use the VES
VF4009 Series Control Module
• Textured Finish High Impact Plastic
• Faceplate available in Red or Off-White

Ordering Codes

VF4027-10 24V Low Current Mini Horn, Temporal Tone – Red Faceplate
VF4027-30 24V Low Current Mini Horn, Temporal Tone – Off-White Faceplate

VF4027 Current Ratings

24 VDC 22 mA
24 VDC UL Max1 18 mA

Minimum dBA @ 10ft.
per UL464 @ 24V
Reverberant dBA
@ 10ft per UL464
In Anechoic Room dBA @ 10ft.
Temporal 81 78-86 90
Continuous 86 78-86 90

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