Bộ nguồn phụ 10.25Amp VF8140 | VF8141

The VF8140 and VF8141 is a UL listed, universal input switching power supply capable of delivering a full 192W of continuous power for fire alarm systems.
Suitable for charging a range of sealed lead acid batteries from 7Ah to 40Ah, the VF8140 and VF8141 power supply features complete monitoring of primary and secondary power sources with fully temperature compensated battery charging and battery high impedance monitoring.

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Danh mục:

10.25 Amp Power Supply
VF8140 and VF8141 Series

Standard Features
• Continuous 8A load output while charging fully depleted batteries
• Charges up to 40Ah batteries
• Listed to UL 1481 & 864
• 120V to 240V AC input
• AC fail monitoring with LED indication and output
• Battery disconnection monitoring with LED indication and output
• Low battery monitoring with LED indication and output
• Dynamic Earth fault monitoring with LED indication and output
• Deep-Discharge Prevention
• Temperature compensated battery charging
• Battery Boost Circuitry


VF8140-xx 10.25 Amp Power Supply, Standard Depth Cabinet, up to 18 AH Batteries
VF8141-xx 10.25 Amp Power Supply, Deep Depth Cabinet, up to 40 AH Batteries
xx = 10 (Red) or 40 (Gray)

VES Outdoor Product Strobe Current Ratings

Candela 15cd
24 VDC 112 mA
UL Max1180 mA

Technical Specifications
Construction 18AWG sheet steel
Dimensions Standard 14.41”W x 18.72”H x 4.25” D
Deep 14.41”W x 18.72”H x 7.75” D
Operating Temperature 32º F to 120º F
Operating Humidity up to 93%, non-condensing
Input Voltage 120 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 24V DC
Total Output Current 10.25 A
Battery Charge Current 2.5 A
Load Current 8.0 A (with flat battery)
Trouble Outputs Rating 30 VDC 1A Max
Fuse 5A 20mm HRC
Load Fuses 10A (self-resetting)
Finish (lid and box) RAL3002 (Red) or BS 00 A 05 (Gray)
Finish (product labels) BS 00 A 05 (Gray)

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