Bình xịt chữa cháy Aerosol Firepro FXN40S | FXN40T

FirePro Xtinguish fire suppression products utilize an aerosol forming solid compound that will extinguish Class A, B, and C fires. The aerosol generator units may be electrically or thermally activated. The aerosol  xtinguishes fire by removing the active chemical particles involved in the flame chain reaction.

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FirePro Fire Extinguishing Generator
FXN 40S | FXN 40T

Standard Features
UL Listed for Class A, B, C fires
Patented Technology based on Potassium Salts
Environmentally-Friendly – EPA SNAP Listed
Pre-Engineered System, Simple Design Calculations
No Pressurized Cylinders, Piping, or Nozzles
Minimal Maintenance
Units are Self-Contained & Non-Pressurized
Non-Pyrotechnic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive,
Safe to Handle
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) = 0
Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 0
No HFCs or CFCs
Mounting Brackets Included with all Models
Cost-Effective Fire Suppression
UL Listed Service Life: 15 years

Mechanical / Electrical Control Rooms
Transformer Rooms
Electrical Cabinets
Sub-Floor / Above-Ceiling
Storage Containers
Enclosed Machinery
Mobile Generator Trailers
Wind Turbines
Solar Inverters
Heavy Equipment / Vehicles
Plant Rooms
Marine / Railways
Cell Towers
Power Stations
Water Treatment Plants / Utilities
Cable Tunnels / CEVs
Many More…

UL Listed Temperature Range: -65°F to 130°F (-54°C to 54°C)
Self-Activation Temperature: 572°F (300°C)
Power Required for Electrical Activation: 6 – 36 VDC, 0.8 amps
Electrical Actuator Impedance: 1.6 – 3.6 ohms
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Class 9
UN Identification: 3335 (Air) & 3077 (Ocean)
Packaging Group: PGIII Shipping Guidelines for maximum weight:
Ground: None
Ocean: None
Cargo Air: 400 kg (881 lbs.)
Passenger Air: 30 kg (66 lbs.)

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